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Aftershock Projects

We can help you on Executive projects such as business plans, business management, property management, construction management, as well as general team builidng. Use us as a knowlegable third party to "bounce around" your ideas and help focus them. We generally charge by the hour but in some cases our fee is a percentage of what we save you. The initial consultation is free of charge. 


Aftershock Ventures also has equity opportunities in food, child care, construction, residential properties, clean-tech, and hospitality sectors. You may have a great idea but need to put together a business plan or raise financial support. Or, you may be tired of the interest banks pay and are looking for a business investment that has much greater return potential.


Please contact us if you have a great idea and need investors or if you have money to invest but not the time to create and manage a great business.

Business Planning

​How do I start my own business?

What are my key performance indicators?

Where am I going and how am I getting there?


What co-branding opportunities are there?

Am I spending my ad dollars effectively?

Am I leveraging my marketing enough?

Equity Groups

Are there non-traditional investment options?

Where can I earn a more rewarding ROI?

How do I find the "right" business partner?

Business Strategy

How do I structure my business?


What tax strategy fits my business model?

What investments may reduce my taxes?



Who can help me achieve my goals?

What are the trade-offs?

How do I develop a "peer" group?


Is my business functioning effectively?

Do I really need all these staff positions?

Am I missing some cost saving measures?

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