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About Aftershock

Aftershock Ventures purpose is to build relationships (business and personal) to further the work that Christ began according to John 14:12. Our mission is to build thriving business ventures that provide not only reasonable returns, but also generate income streams for charitable, socially responsible organizations. 

We offer a wide range of business services from initial business planning to on-going management and marketing. We are facilitators helping to put business puzzle pieces together.

Aftershock Ventures, LLC began in 2003 after months of prayer and analysis. Our goal was to create successful business groups and partnerships that would provide a portion of their profits to charitable, outreach organizations.

We search for similar minded people that agree there is more to life than just the pursuit of wealth. We use our influence and resources to build relationships, companies and people.

We partner with investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to enhance businesses and profits by improving current business efficiency and by generating new revenue streams. Our team has diverse backgrounds and our consulting partners are from around the country.

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